Grow with us

Payment Methods

Price Calculation

The price with which we buy parchment coffee depends on the behavior of three important variables: the price of coffee on the NY stock market, the exchange rate of the Colombian peso against the dollar, and the internationally recognized quality premium for Colombian coffee. Additionally, the amount of pasilla, excelso and cisco in the analyzed coffee is taken into account to determine the final price of the parchment.


In the coffee regions there is strong competition for the commercialization of coffee, that is why we look for alternatives so that our allies are part of our chains and become more competitive in their areas of influence.


Pagamos su café entregándole fertilizante de la mejor calidad como anticipo de entregas de café en época de cosecha.

Compra Rural

We visit the coffee growers on their sidewalks and buy their coffee, at the right price of the day.

Futures Trading

Lock in the price of your harvest. We give the possibility of setting the price of your coffee prior to harvest time.


Compramos café certificado.
Compramos su con café certificado vigente (RFA, UTZ, Orgánico o Fair Trade, etc). Póngase en contacto con nosotros para conocer nuestras primas asociadas y los requisitos para su pago

Get certified with us

Be part of our sustainable chains to receive support from our field team, and have the possibility of receiving a bonus that recognizes the activities carried out on your farm that help meet the certification standards.